Its unique certificate and can help you to find better job.

The way that you choose to present your image online will depend if you shall get the clients or not. Some people do not know the Ad words process. This allows you to place the advertisements using different channels and it will go a long way in giving you the quality results. Our institute is on the front line to promote technology and online marketing with the introduction of the Ad words management certificate. You will prove loads of skills and the best thing is the ability to apply them in your daily life. This is an encouraging aspect to many people, who have gone past our system.

We have the latest information in the world of marketing and this is why we are known as the leaders in this section. You will not find the other institutions with the kind of information that we have. This means that you shall always be a step ahead in your area of expertise. This will keep your competitors back and you get the opportunity of controlling the market. All this you will get when you decide to take on some of the short courses. Creating the ad words will lead your site to be on top of the search page results. Creating the advertisements will mostly focus on the keywords. These are the famous words, that will attract your target market. This process is done carefully in order to get the attention of different clients, who want to connect with your site. You also need to master the different providers in this section in order to know some of the popular ways they are using in order to attract the clients. You shall narrow this down to your region and customize the advertisement to target the clients you want.

You do not need to go through all the tedious and costly processes of advertising which shall cost you too much cash. You need to choose the right option, which shall aid you to prosper in marketing your online site. This is why you need to choose our Ad words management certificate to prove that you can do it. You do not need to travel to Switzerland in order to get the certificate. All this is done 100% online and you will get the certificate to your home. You will have the participation certificate and this shall go a long way in enabling you to continue with your practice and apply all the things you have learnt in the event of the Ad words management certificate.

Due to loads of competition, you will find it is very hard to launch the online ad word advertising. This shall get tricky when you have to deal with the different providers in the market who are proving to have very high competition. You need to choose the offers that shall allow you to have an easy time as you try to conquer the market. The Ad words management certificate will allow you to have the right campaign and address t to the right people, and it will create many links to your site, and other social media pages.

Note: Students who do also the Facebook-Ads-Management Certificate will get an Advanced Certificate in Online Campaign Management, for additional payment of 90 EURO, with no extra exams.

How to get the Certificate?

This certificate can be done 100% ONLINE and within 7 days.

Step 1: APPLY NOW and start our writing exam (around 40 Multiple Choice Questions MCQ, Each question is accompanied with 4 possible answers, only 1 answer is correct). Usually takes 40 Min.

Step 2: oral exam, after you pass we will invite you for a quick oral exam (for less than 10 min) and after passing we will issue the certificate to your home.

NOTE: we will send you an online booklet done by one of Lecturers (around 10.000 words) to give you better view what you can expect during the exam.


Certificate Price: 490 Euro (All-inclusive Fee: study materials, shipping cost by the SWISSPost…)

NOTE: Students who pay online (Paypal, Visa Card, MasterCard…) must pay additionally 9 euro tax, OR you can send certificate fee by Bank for no additional payment.

Other payments (optional):

  • Swiss Notary: 190 Euro
    International students may request from our Admission office that their Certificate be stamped by a Swiss notary.
  • Sending Degree: 90 Euro
    We will send your degree and transcript and by SwissPost for free of charge, but for some countries it’s recommended to send it by DHL or FedEx or similar shipping companies to your home.


Contact us

Any Certificate can be done 100% ONLINE and within 7-days

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