Did you know that the first website on internet was made in Switzerland?

Switzerland is a European country. It has an area of 41,285 square kilometers and an 8 million population. It has different names in different languages. It is called Suisse in French, Schweiz in German and Svizzera in Italian. It is geographically divided between the Swiss Plateau, the Alps, and the Jura. Hence, it is completely a landlocked country.

Switzerland is a very peaceful country and it has not been involved in any international war since 1815. It joined with United Nations on year 2002. The second largest UN office is also situated in Switzerland. However, it globally acts as a peacemaker. It has directly involved with many peace building processes. Many international organizations also can be seen there.

Switzerland has a very high GDP and it is a rich country. It also has the highest wealth per adult. It has the nineteenth largest economy in the world. This country has four main cultural regions and languages. You can mainly see German, Italian, French and Romanian people there. Swiss Confederation was established on 1st August 1291 and that day is considered as their National Day.

The unemployment rate is very low in Switzerland. Around 4 million people work there. It has a very flexible job market. It has one of the smallest overall taxation. Hence, it is an ideal place for businesses. Many foreign businesses are operating in this country because of their flexible economic terms and taxations.

This is also a great place to do higher studies because Switzerland has a high quality educational system. Best ranked universities in the world can be found in Swtzerland.


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